About Me


Where my journey began...

I am a Woodland, Ca based photographer and I proudly was born and raised here. My husband and I both grew up in this beautiful region of Northern California and I've always been thankful to live in such a picturesque location. My passion for photography began to develop when I was in high school and it remained a hobby of mine throughout college. In 2015, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world and photoshoots of her became a daily routine. I began taking photos of my friend's children as well, and before I knew it, my passion for photography had grown into the career of my dreams. My goal is to capture memories that you and your family will adore for a life time. 


If you would like to contact me, you can fill out the contact form in the link above, by phone at 530.312.6690, or click on the social media links at the bottom of every page.